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Global Education Academy is a national multi-award-winning tutoring/coaching centre. We specialise in evidence-based learning.

Over the last 8 years we worked with thousands of students and parents and we were able to identify the problems and help them achieve results.  We guarantee improvement. In the Scholarship and Selective school placement test we have an above 85% success rate.

We specialise in unlocking the potential of every student. We partner with parents to gain clarity and understanding of their children’s ability and level of performance at school. As a result of what we do, students become independent learners and their self-esteem and self-confidence are boosted, in and outside the classroom.

We found that Many parents are left in the dark when it comes to their children’s ability or performance. Many feel their child is falling behind or is becoming disengaged at school. Others receive minimal communication from school or do not understand why their child is not reaching their full potential.

Using our 5C’s method we unlock students’ potential.  Starting with a diagnostic assessment we provide insight on the students’ ability and causes for any concerns. This is followed by a personalised plan where they achieve conceptual understanding and master problem solving skills using our unique methodology.  Our tutors are highly qualified teachers, experienced and passionate about education. They work on shifting students’ mind-sets and their attitude toward learning.

Our partnership with parents includes them in the journey and creates a 2-way communication stream to unlock, reach and expand their children’s full potential with life-long skills.

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Pre-K to Year 1 Early Learning Support

Children as young as three have an informal knowledge of mathematics and language beyond what researchers originally thought. It’s also beyond what most preschool and kindergarten programs offer. GEA Junior provides a learning boost for younger children to make the most of their informal knowledge and develop confidence and self-esteem. Our distinctive, research-based teaching methods give your child a head start in a structured and carefully designed environment. The program combines literacy and numeracy and is offered in levels; Circles – for pre-kindergarten children, Triangles – for kindergarten students, and Squares – for Year 1 students.

Provide a solid foundation for your child’s academic journey with early exposure to our unique, research-based teaching methods, which encourage effective learning and enhance confidence and self-esteem. Our Primary tutoring programs offer a strong conceptual grasp of mathematics while minimising cognitive load. This is coupled with comprehensive command of all components of English, including comprehension, spelling, vocabulary, and writing. The highly qualified, experienced tutors at GEA ensure that your child keeps up and even stays ahead of peers.

In a small group setting, students learn in the most effective, stress-free way with our unique, research-based teaching methods and experienced, qualified teachers. Our structured courses cover the entire Australian Curriculum, ensuring that students have a strong command of mathematics and English. This extends to success in other subjects and enables them to achieve a top ATAR. Essential life skills such as time management, planning and goal setting are also addressed. This enables students to complete their studies with confidence and high self-esteem. Our unique resources are updated and reviewed frequently to ensure relevance and maximise results.

Our excellent tutoring course prepares students for the selective high school placement test and scholarship tests. It is based on many years of expertise and our founder’s extensive experience in writing large-scale assessments including ICAS and NAPLAN. Cognitive Load theory underpins our program which makes it competitive, yet stress-free. Our proven results speak for themselves with above than 90% success rate. The program is run by fully qualified and highly experienced educators. Your child will benefit from specialised small groups, multiple mock tests and constructive feedback as part of a 40-week program. It involves 4 hours per week, 7 mock tests, and an emphasis on stress management, boosting self-esteem, and building independence and mastery.

For your academically gifted Year 4 child, these classes provide a rich, intellectually stimulating educational environment where their academic development comes first. The course is run in a supportive, friendly and engaging environment. This includes mock tests and thorough feedback. With GEA, your child will obtain positivity and organisation skills. Our highly qualified, experienced tutors also offer free homework help. As entry to OC is also based on school assessment, we encourage students to start their preparation as early as possible to improve their school results and enhance their skills.

Want to find out if your child has the potential to get into a selective school or obtain a scholarship for a private school? We provide a 3-hour benchmark test for Year 5 students to help you decide. The test is followed by a feedback session and course recommendations. If you choose to proceed, our experienced tutors will equip your child with all the skills and knowledge required to sit scholarship tests and other similar tests. At GEA, we uncover the untapped capabilities of your child as they learn and excel through our research-based teaching.

The National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy – (NAPLAN), like any other academic examination, requires preparation to achieve success. Our research-based tutoring sessions, which are held in a supportive, friendly and engaging environment in specialised small groups, incorporate essential literacy and numeracy skills are assessed in NAPLAN – and more. We encourage students in Year 3, Year 5, Year 7 and Year 9 to begin tutoring sessions during the first term, or better in the year before, so that they can be properly prepared.

During the year, your child has been taught many important skills. These skills are easily forgotten during the long school holiday period if not practised. To keep your child learning and thinking during the break, GEA offers an Opportunity Class Test Preparation Intensive Course, a Selective and Scholarship Preparation Intensive Course, a Primary Holiday Camp, and a NAPLAN Preparation Intensive Course. Our research-based programmes include mock tests, skill enhancement, and Cognitive Load techniques to improve stress management, self-esteem and independence. All of this is in a friendly and supportive environment.

Global Education Academy is a business for good. We sponsor two of the UN Global Goals; our close to heart goals are Quality Education and Gender Equality.

Recognising the lack of access to education provided to students in Africa, especially girls – GEA wanted to help change this.

Every enrolment at Global Education Academy contributes to paying the fees for two girls in Africa (Sierra Leone and Uganda) to be educated for a whole year.

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