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  • Do you find it difficult to get your child to do their homework?
  • Do they enjoy doing their homework but are easily distracted at home?
  • Are you too busy to provide the necessary attention to help your child with their homework?
  • Do you find it difficult to help your child using the same teaching methods they use at school?
  • Have you missed any sessions at GEA and need to catch up?


If the answer is ‘YES’ to any of the above, GEA can help!


GEA offers FREE Homework Help classes to all our students.

  • Qualified teachers to help your child master their homework
  • A calm and relaxed environment to help your child focus
  • Two Homework Help classes per week
  • Catch up on any missed sessions
  • Primary school and high school levels
  • Maths & English

Homework Help is a complimentary class offered to all Global Education Academy students to help them with their homework – this means less stress for the parents.

Homework Help classes begin in Week 2 and end in Week 9 of each term.

How to book Homework Help

Book via posting on our Facebook page or by contacting us on 1300-001-GEA.
Each week students need to book for a spot in the Homework Help class.
A minimum of 24 hours’ notice is required.

To find out more please call 1300-001-GEA