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At GEA we always want to ensure that we are providing value to our students.

Therefore, we always conduct an initial assessment for students from K to Year 8 in literacy and numeracy to ascertain their performance. This way, we are ensuring that our students are receiving the education that is fit for them. Not the education that fails to engage and teach them!

Our initial assessment determines performance across all literacy domains in terms of:

  • Performing at age expectations
  • Performing below age expectations
  • Performing above age expectations

Literacy areas being assessed:

  • Alphabet knowledge
  • Phonemic knowledge and phonological processing
  • Sight word knowledge
  • Spelling
  • Reading fluency
  • Reading comprehension (Cloze)
  • Writing

Numeracy areas being assessed:

  • Number knowledge
  • Number skills
  • Arithmetic skills (e.g. counting…etc)
  • Spatial and visual skills (Space and Geometry)
  • Patterns and structures recognition
  • Logical and systematic thinking

These areas are assessed as word problem (problem solving) and are read to the students as the score should not be affected by reading or reading comprehension ability.

The purpose of the assessment is to clearly determine the deficit skills students have at any point in time K-8. The assessment will also uncover strengths as well as weaknesses and will diagnose any difficulty a student may have. Based on this assessment students are recommended a course; individual or group session. If it is a group session, students are assigned to a level in Maths, English and Writing.

By appointment only. Please call (02) 8094 9964 or email or contact us to book the assessment.
Please note that assessments incur payment. The payment is not refundable. However, it can be rescheduled if at least 24 hour notice is given.


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