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Tutoring for Primary School levels is essential to ensure students can keep up and even stay ahead of their peers. Conceptual understanding in Mathematics coupled with comprehensive command of all components of English is the foundation for success in students’ academic journeys.

An early exposure to our unique, research-based teaching methods enables students to learn effectively and enhance confidence and self esteem.

Primary School Maths Tutoring

The Mathematics sessions at Global Education Academy are unique. We

  • üminimise the cognitive load involved in teaching core concepts
  • üensure students are empowered with conceptual understanding
  • üuse our UPSL TM strategy (understand, plan, solve and learn) for problem solving
  • üare up to date with the latest research in the field to continually improve our teaching

The Numeracy Program is an integrated course combining number skills, constructing and partitioning numbers, space and geometry, and measurement. We align our session with the NSW syllabus and the Australian curriculum.


Primary School English Tutoring

The Primary English sessions include:

Reading and Reading Comprehension

Language Conventions: Spelling, Grammar constructs, Punctuation and Vocabulary.

Writing: writing constructs, structure, text types, language features.

The English sessions at Global Education Academy are unique:

We ensure that students

  • üread and comprehend various genres of texts
  • üexpand their vocabulary
  • ülearn, understand and apply grammar
  • üpunctuate texts correctly
  • üunderstand writing constructs
  • üdifferentiate between the different text types: their purpose, structure and language features

Global Education Academy has two locations in Sydney, New South Wales.


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