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Year 7

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Global Education Academy provides tutoring to Year 7 students in literacy and numeracy.

What makes our program successful

  • The only research-based learning centre (Cognitive Load Theory)
  • Program developed by the founder – Dr Majeda Awawdeh (previously managed  ICAS exams at UNSW)
  • Fully qualified educators with many years’ experience
  • Specialised small groups

The transition to high school can be challenging and hampering for many students in Year 7. With substantial assumed knowledge in Maths and English, students may struggle to make a good start in high school. Ultimately, they may not reach their full potential in the HSC. With the right guidance from GEA experts and the teaching and learning for understanding approach, students strengthen their core subjects (Maths and English). Empowered by study skills, planning, setting goals and exam techniques students are set for the coming 6 years of high school.


This course supports students as they move into the domains of high school curriculum. The demands of literacy across all subject areas is one of the reasons many students feel unable to cope with the changing methods of classroom delivery, complex teacher language and the expected standard of all written assignment work.

This course specifically provides students with the knowledge and skills to approach all tasks with confidence and competence and to engage in all key learning areas in ways that teach them the essence of what high school literacy and literature is all about.

Since the implementation of the Australian Curriculum there is now a stronger focus on students continuing to build their core basic skills in understanding grammar at a higher-order level to construct quality pieces of text that demonstrate their ability to enhance writing through the application of language forms and features. This has been a neglected area of high school English for many years, but is now seen by NESA as crucial in ensuring students become proficient users of English in both written and oral forms.

In ascertaining the skills that high school students demonstrate on entering Year 7, all students across Australia sit NAPLAN at the beginning of Term 2. The Year 7 program includes a vital segment each session, during Term 1, on developing the primary skills required to perform well in this assessment. Students are explicitly trained in all of the comprehension and grammar techniques as well as in the use of the Criterion Marking Method for assessing their writing tasks.

Another key facet of the Australian Curriculum for Stage 4 is the introduction of more media-based and visual texts. This course in Level 7 will now cover many key aspects of the syllabus outcomes in this area to ensure students are fully conversant with recognising and analysing a range of techniques for studying visual texts, and in using multi-modalities in their own creation of visual and media-based texts.


Course Structure:

This course supports students as they move into the domains of high school curriculum. The year 7 curriculum is highly demanding and the transition from year 6 to year 7 curriculum is quite challenging.  Usually students in year 7 experience unexpected assumed knowledge and skills.  The year 7 course supports students and takes them through the concepts and the skills they need to possess with ease and understanding.


  • Number and Algebra (Integers, operations, fractions, indices, algebraic techniques)
  • Measurement and Geometry (length, area, volume, time, geometric figures and angles)
  • Statistics and Probability (data and probability of events)
  • Problem solving (using UPSL™ strategy; understand, plan, solve and learn)

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The Year 7 program prepares students exceptionally well for NAPLAN Year 7. NAPLAN assesses the three main literacy areas Reading Comprehension, Language Conventions and Writing. All these subjects are covered in the English course. NAPLAN also assesses Numeracy (Concepts, strategies and Problem Solving) that are covered in our Maths course.


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Consistent feedback from beginning to end. 2-way communication stream to unlock, reach and expand your child’s full potential with life-long skills.


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A team of qualifed, experienced and passionate teachers. With over 1000 years of combined experience.

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Each term, students receive a GEA book that is mapped to the syllabus and based on proven research.

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Our 5 C-Method is specifically developed to unlock your child’s true potential.

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