Tutoring for High School is essential to ensure students have a strong command of Mathematics and English. When students have comprehensive grasps of these two core subjects, all other subjects follow. Every effort is made to improve results with a view to achieving a top ATAR. An early exposure to our unique, research-based teaching methods in small groups settings, enables students to learn effectively in a stress-free environment

Students at Global Education Academy learn Mathematics and English with deep understandings and are empowered with numerous skills including time management, planning, task analysis and goal setting. Our qualified and experienced teachers, using our unique books, help students minimise the cognitive load associated with learning, hence making the journey stress-free.    

GEA has a structured learning system that covers the entire Australian Curriculum. Our resources are updated and reviewed every term to ensure relevance to students’ learning needs, to maximise their results and boost confidence and self-esteem.



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