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Global Education Academy provides tutoring to Pre-Kindergarten students in literacy and numeracy.

Global Education Academy provides tutoring to Pre-Kindergarten students in literacy and numeracy.

What makes our program successful

  • The only research-based learning centre (Cognitive Load Theory)

  • Program developed by the founder – Dr Majeda Awawdeh (previously managed  ICAS exams at UNSW)
  • Fully qualified educators with many years’ experience
  • Specialised small groups

It is never too early to start shaping your child’s mind. The earlier the better. Our program is fun, stimulating and evidence-informed, delivered by qualified teachers.

Give your child the best possible start in kindergarten that ensures that he or she becomes a happy and confident learner. Global Education Academy can prepare your child by offering structured tutoring as well as specialised assessment in all areas of literacy and numeracy.

This carefully structured early learning program provides young children with the foundation skills to be competent and confident in their learning even before they start kindergarten. It promotes early language development, pre-writing skills, visual recognition of sight words and more. It develops big maths ideas into their growing minds. The programs at GEA are designed to capitalise on young children’s informal knowledge and talents; connect daily experiences to mathematical ideas and concepts. At GEA we promote children’s discussion and boost their self-esteem.

Course Structure

  • The course is structured for 4 terms of 10 weeks each. Students attend either one class of 60 minutes or two classes of 60 minutes once a week.

  • Each term students receive a GEA book that is mapped to the syllabus and written based on Cognitive Load Theory.

  • In week 9 of each term students are assessed to measure their progress. Full feedback is given to students. Parents receive a comprehensive report of their child’s progress. Week 10 is the consolidation week.

The sessions integrate literacy and numeracy including focused units of work in the following key learning areas:



    • Promote language development and reflection
    • Phonemic knowledge
    • Phonological processing
    • Sight word acquisition
    • Vocabulary builder
    • Early writing constructs
    • Pre-writing skills – pencil grip and forming letters


  • Number Skills
  • Shape
  • Measurement
  • Navigation and Spatial Concepts

How close are you to unlocking your child’s full potential?


Our Students Receive


Guaranteed Improvement

Not only do we guarantee improvement but your child will be confident, passionate and engaged.


Open Communication

Consistent feedback from beginning to end. 2-way communication stream to unlock, reach and expand your child's full potential with life-long skills.


Expertise You Can Trust

A team of qualifed, experienced and passionate teachers. With over 1000 years of combined experience.

GEA Course Materials

Each term, students receive a GEA book that is mapped to the syllabus and based on proven research.


Mindfulness intervals implemented into our courses.

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Proven Teaching Methodology

Our 5 C-Method is specifically developed to unlock your child's true potential.

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