Pre-K to Year 1 Early Learning Support

As a result of the demand for early learning support, GEA has launched GEA Junior. This is a platform for three-year-old children to start receiving a learning boost in a structured and carefully designed environment.

Research shows that young children, as early as age 3, have an informal knowledge of Mathematics and language that is more complex and sophisticated than originally thought. It has been proven that young children can learn more interesting and more substantial language and Mathematics than is introduced in most preschool and kindergarten programs.

The programs at GEA are designed to: capitalise on young children’s informal knowledge, interests and talents; connect daily experiences and other activities children enjoy to Mathematical ideas and phonological concepts; foster exploration of Mathematics and enhance phonemic awareness in an educationally enriched environment. We promote children’s discussion and boost their self-esteem.


An early exposure to our unique, research-based teaching methods enables students to learn effectively and enhance confidence and self-esteem.

GEA Junior introduces three levels:

Circles – Not shaped yet. Designed for pre-kindergarten children

Triangles –  starting to have a shape (3-sided). Designed for kindergarten students.

Squares – more developed (4-sided). Designed for Year 1 students.


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