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Why and how to get into a selective school

What are Selective Schools? Selective high schools in NSW accept students based on results from the Selective Schools Placement Test (which is run every year around mid March). Students in Year 6 sit the test to enter the selective high school in year 7. These schools...

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How to find a tutor for Primary School

Find a tutor that engages your child to maximise their learning How to Find the Right Tutor for Primary School Tutoring is a great tool to help children learn and grow, particularly when they are in primary school and enjoy absorbing as much knowledge as possible....

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GEA is a proud supporter of One Girl

Based in Kogarah and Turramurra, Global Education Academy has extensive knowledge in catering to the specific needs of NSW students. However, GEA also understands the way in which an education can change the life of any individual and provide them opportunities they...

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4 Steps to Unlock your Child’s Full Potential

Already at the midway point for 2019, your child has most likely just received feedback on their academic performance so far this year. With half the year’s content already completed, this feedback is a vital insight into their level of understanding and can help...

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Understanding your child’s school report card

Although it’s always good to hear directly from your child how they are coping with school, their response alone does not paint the full picture. Cue report cards. They give an essential insight into your child’s experience at school from a professional and subjective...

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My daughter's journey from “Sound” To Selective   “Don’t waste your time and money Majeda, she is just an average student. She will never make it to selective.” These were the words that changed my daughter’s life. Although it happened a decade ago, remembering...

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How To Prepare Your Child For High School

Behind every nervous and excited child soon to be heading off to high school, there is a parent or caregiver that is equally (but a little more quietly) nervous and excited. If you’ve already happened to find yourself at that time in your life when you’re going to...

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2019 Selective High School Minimum Entry Scores

It is common knowledge that selective schools are the top-ranking schools based on HSC results. However, with approximately only 4000 placements available each year and an ever-growing number of students applying, it has become increasingly difficult to gain entry to...

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Opportunity Class (OC) Minimum Entry Scores in 2019

Opportunity Classes (OC) are offered in selected government schools across NSW and cater for academically gifted and talented children in Years 5 and 6. They provide a rich and intellectually stimulating educational environment. Students who wish to be placed in OC in...

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Free Homework Help Classes

Do you find it difficult to get your child to do their homework? Do they enjoy doing their homework but are easily distracted at home? Are you too busy to provide the necessary attention to help your child with their homework? Do you find it difficult to help your...

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