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Research-based learning

Global Education Academy is a research-based learning centre. It was established following Dr Majeda Awawdeh’s research into cognition and teaching methods. Dr Awawdeh started GEA for one purpose: teaching for understanding. Understanding leads students to be independent learners. We do not believe in repetition or memorising. Once students learn how to think, approach tasks, manage their cognitive load and time, know how to plan and set goals, they are set for success. This is what we do at GEA.

GEA courses are developed for students to progress in levels 1 to 10 where students are assigned to levels based on their ability, not necessarily their year level. Thus, GEA does not put a ceiling on a students’ potential. Your child can advance and accelerate.

GEA has developed structured learning programs that take the core concepts of the maths and English curricula and present them in a way that reduces cognitive load and facilitates learning. Our programs are delivered in a concise two-hour Maths and two-hour English session per week. Students learn all the outcomes of the Australian Maths and English curricula.

Our founder and team of highly qualified and experienced teachers are all passionate about learning. They create a learning process that is effective and pleasant. Our Selective/Scholarship groups enjoy learning directly from our founder.

Our students enjoy the interaction and the dynamics of small groups (ave 5 students) where they receive individualised attention. Their progress is monitored on a weekly basis; an informative diagnostic assessment is held towards the end of every term followed by constructive feedback for the students and a detailed report to the parents.

Research has proven that when people do not revise new information, about 80% of the detail is forgotten. At GEA, we believe that a minimal amount of homework is preferred, it helps students to revise and retain information. The good news is, GEA takes the stress off parents. We offer two hours of Homework Help free of charge every week. Students are also encouraged to bring their homework and assessment tasks from school to these sessions.

Our modern, air-conditioned and secure centre is easily accessible by train and by car in the heart of Kogarah.

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