Hear what parents and students have to say

Our son and daughter really love learning at Global Education Academy, they’re definitely benefiting from the classes and it’s so wonderful to not only see their academic results, but to know that they’re enjoying classes at the same time.

Mona and Sam (Parents)

Thank you for believing in my child and placing him in a class based on his ability not his age, developing his full academic potential. Mohamad's (Y1) half yearly report results have left us extremely proud. After only attending Global for 6 months, my son achieved four A's with excellent effort in all subjects. These results are based on grade 2 Maths and grade 2/3 English…

Jomana (Parent)

I am extremely happy with Global Education Academy. We can see the results clearly as my son has seen improvement in his performance in exams and classes and his overall attitude towards study and his reading has definitely improved. He’s now enthusiastic towards his study and he’s confident in what he can achieve. Thanks Global Education Academy!

Marina (Parent)

Thank you, once again to the beautiful, cheerful and professional front desk ladies for always having a smile on your face and all of GEA team for your continued dedication towards my son's learning and progression, My son’s success story shows that anything is possible at GEA.

Jomana (Parent)

Dear Majeda our son Ryan scored 220.5 in his selective entrance test. This is amazing. Thank you so much for GEA team. We are so happy!

Feeroze Khan

Our daughter Elle (Year 5) has been attending GEA for one month now. In that one month of attending, I have to say that not only have we seen a tremendous improvement with Elle's English and maths, but her self-esteem has improved in a way never before. Elle has learned in this month at GEA more than what she has learned in her life! We have tried several tutors in the past, that were ineffective and a waste of time and money. Yet, GEA has tapped into Elle in a phenomenal way that no other teachers have ever been able to do. I strongly recommend GEA to parents who are looking for great results for their child's education. The staff at GEA are so caring and highly experienced.

Betty (Parent)

Agapi (Year9) has received 97% in her Maths half-yearly exam! She has improved substantially since beginning tutoring at Global Education academy :)

Spiros (Parent)

Email from Mr Pramod Kusuma “Good afternoon Global Education Academy, my son Anu had made it to North Sydney Boys. He achieved a score of 237 in his selective test. Much appreciated, all GEA team had worked hard for this result! You made a huge difference to our life.”

Mr Pramod Kusuma

I have joined Global Education Academy since I was in Year 8. Now I am in year 10 and studying Maths and English. Global Education Academy is different from other learning centres and tutors. They have a unique approach in teaching. My maths has improved dramatically since then. I used to fail maths…not any more. I actually had topped my class in maths last term. Majeda and the staff are very passionate about teaching. They made me understand mathematics after I was struggling. It is simple when they explain it. It is a completely different learning experience. I love coming here. I am very committed as I see the benefit.

Daniel (Year 10 Student)

I am so grateful to have found you and your team. My son Dylan has struggled with maths since starting school. I desperately enrolled him 2 weeks before his Year 8 half yearly exams as he was placed in the special needs class for getting 38% for his yearly exams last year. His results came back and he got 75% and was told today he was getting moved up to the higher maths class. I cannot recommend you enough, and great to see him enjoying and finally understanding maths.

Simone (Parent)

My son turned a corner even after the first week of classes at Global Education Academy. I am really looking forward to seeing how he progresses further.

Sue (Parent)

When George started tutoring last year his achievement level in Maths was poor, often scoring below the 50% mark. George, currently in Year 9 and achieved FIRST PLACE in the half yearly Maths exam in June. This lead to George being offered a place in the accelerated class covering the Year 10 - 5.3 (highest level of the year above) Maths syllabus. We are so pleased to share with you George's final Maths exam result, the second highest score ! Thank you for your care and support in providing a method of tuition which has completely rewired his ability and strengthened his processing skills

Voula (Parent)

Yesterday I received a letter from Thomas’ high school (Hurstville Boys) advising that he’s been accepted into the Selective Stream/Class for next year! Fabulous news. And you know what he said to me last night? He said “you know mum, I wouldn’t have gotten into the selective class without the tutor classes”… Very big thank you GEA.

Angela (Parent)

We would like to thank you, and your wonderful teachers for showing such an interest in helping Zoe to progress with her learning. It has been amazing to see her learn useful strategies to help her with spelling in just five weeks at Global.  The school was unable to do this in five years! She is enjoying the opportunity to have individual and focussed education, and her confidence is increasing rapidly.  We are looking forward to seeing her reach her full potential, with your help. Well done to all of your team, and thanks again.

Karen & Craig (Parents)

Dear Majeda and the GEA team I'd like to sincerely thank you for your efforts this year with my children. The improvements they have made in a relatively short time have been remarkable. As you may be aware, my children have in the past attended several different tutoring facilities. However they were never happy as they could not see that their hard work was reflected in their achievements. Since joining GEA my son has moved to the top mathematics group, he has improvement significantly in English and he achieved top marks for his school exhibition project. My daughter has also achieved very high marks in mathematics, she has improved a great deal in English and is leaps and bounds ahead of where she was in writing. The one thing that I am extremely pleased about is that while they have a lot more work to do, they are happy to ...


Thank you so much for all the guidance and support provided to Chloe in preparing for the selective school exam. Our experience at GEA was exceptional! Your attention to detail and passion to teach, allows the children to reach their potential. Chloe was challenged and stimulated with the course content which enhanced her confidence when undertaking the exam. We were exhilarated when we opened her results to see an offer for our first choice and a score of 220.14!! That precise moment of knowing "she made it" in between the screaming, laughing and crying will be a cherished family memory! We look forward to continuing with GEA as you have become an extension of Chloe's academic journey and her personal growth!

Eftihia (Parent)

I can really see how much tutoring is helping me and so can other people. It has helped me in school and tests and I am learning lots of different strategies and a lot of new ways to think about a question. Thank you for making learning easier.

Adnan (Student- Selective School Test Preparation)

Email from a parent when she received the email from the NSW Department of Education -Selective Schools "Hi Majeda We were thrilled to receive this tonight. Our daughter A.H. made it to Sydney girls with a score of 228.17. Thank you so much for the support you gave to my daughter. She is over the moon!

Dr. F Stapleton (Parent)