GEA is a research-based learning centre. It has been developed as a result of our Founder’s, many years of research in education and Cognitive Load Theory. Dr Majeda Awawdeh studied the theory supervised by Professor John Sweller, the founder of Cognitive Load Theory, at UNSW.

In her research, Dr Awawdeh has proven that cognitive load associated with learning can be minimised by designing materials and instructions in accordance with the human brain structure. In processing information, the human brain relies on working memory which is significantly limited in capacity and duration. The main goal of cognitive load theory is to maintain and control cognitive load within the margins of working memory.

For some years, Dr Awawdeh has been working on designing a unique learning system that is mapped to the Australian Mathematics and English curricula and which is designed in accordance with Cognitive Load Theory. The uniqueness of our text books is that they reduce cognitive load associated with learning, teach for understanding and make the learning process effortless and enjoyable.

All our courses from Level 1 to Level 9 are written based on a learning continuum across all stages from primary to high school. Similarly, each course has 4 books on a learning continuum to enable students to progress and excel.

Each course is carefully taught and delivered by our highly qualified and experienced teachers who are trained by Dr Majeda Awawdeh. Our core value is to focus on understanding, ensuring that every effort is made to produce high marks. We enhance students’ confidence and self-esteem.

At GEA, students learn in small group settings, they discuss and interact, become problem solvers and independent learners.

Cognitive Load Theory  Explained

By Dr Majeda Awawdeh.

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