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Global Education Academy provides tutoring to Year 5 students sitting the selective high school placement test.

What makes our program successful

  • The only research-based learning centre (Cognitive Load Theory)
  • Program developed by the founder – Dr Majeda Awawdeh-Caleo (previously managed  ICAS exams at UNSW)
  • Fully qualified educators with many years of experience
  • Specialised small groups
  • Multiple mock tests followed by constructive feedback

We have many years of experience setting up students for success in the selective school placement test. Not only are we familiar with the test, but we also have substantial expertise in writing large scale assessment, especially assessments that are Multiple Choice Questions. As an ICAS Writer, our founder applied all her knowledge and experience in writing the material for the selective program. Our success rate is over 90% .

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What our Selective School Preparation Program

  • Duration: 40 weeks including an intensive holiday course
  • Start: Term 2 Year 5
  • Hours: 4 Hours per week; 2 hours of English, writing and GA + 2 hours of Maths and GA
  • Includes: 7 mock tests (3 hours each)

Course Structure Literature


• Expose students to all genres for Reading Comprehension
• All levels of Reading Comprehension:
• Literacy (Level 1)
• Interpretation (Level 2)
• Critical Reading (Level 3)
• Creative Reading (Level 4)
• Taught by qualified teachers
• Emphasis on assessed skills


• Creative and imaginary texts that are enhanced by the inclusion of language forms, features, devices and expressions
• Persuasive writing section to accommodate for the specific test features of the Scholarship Test

GA (verbal reasoning)

• Verbal Reasoning skills
• Grammar
• Syntax
• Language forms
• Vocabulary knowledge
• Problem solving
• Logical and lateral thinking
• General knowledge

Course Structure Numeracy


• Work on all concepts assessed
• A unique strategy for problem solving: UPSL (understand, plan, solve and learn)
• Taught by ICAS writers
• Strategies and techniques for multiple choice questions

GA (numerical reasoning)

• Spatial reasoning skills
• Logical thinking
• Taught by a qualified maths teacher

Course Techniques

Exam Techniques

• 7 mock tests to become familiar with the test
• Time management
• MCQ tips
• Maximising marks
• Work with the writing criteria to maximise marks

Cognitive Load Techniques

• Stress management
• Boosting students’ self-esteem
• Building independence and mastery

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Selective Hall of Fame


Alessia G.         Full Scholarship for Kincoppal Rose Bay School

Anaston B.       Caringbah High School

Athan B.           Caringbah High School

Charlotte S.     St George Girls High School

Chloe K.           Caringbah High School

Declan D.         Fort Street High School

Kyan A.             Caringbah High School

Marios A.         Caringbah High School

Maxime J.        Tempe High School

Pete V.              Caringbah High School

Peter P.            Caringbah High School

Rayaan C.        Sydney Technology High School

Rishi S.            Caringbah High School

Samin I.           Sydney Technology High School

Sophie C.         St George Girls High School

Alan P.             Sydney Technology High School

Arrianna V.    St George Girls High School

P.H.                 St George Girls High School offer – Accepted scholarship to St Catherine’s School

Cleo                 Scholarship St Ursula’s College Kingsgrove


Anunaya M.    North Sydney Boys High School

Alika H.           Sydney Girls High School

Ryan                Caringbah High School

Tara S.             Caringbah High School

Kiara S.            Sydney Secondary College – Balmain

Shyaan P.        NBSC Manly

Jasmin S.        St George Girls High School

Dean                 Tempe High School

Arian R.           Caringbah High School

Avani                Caringbah High School and Danebank Scholarship

Elias C.             Trinity Grammar – gifted and talented class


Billy I.                Caringbah High School

Isabela L.          St George Girls High School

Ritesh                Virtual Selective School

Jason J.             Sydney Technical High School

Sufyan              Smith’s Hill High School Wollongong

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